Our "ferme" lies in a sun-drenched clearing in the middle of the forest, with its own source of excellent fresh water. This place is home to a great variety of flora and fauna.

During our events and courses we offer this location as an oasis of tranquillity: here you can simply "be", take time to contemplate the essential things in life, fill your lungs with fresh air, gather your strength, be creative, enjoy life.

La Montagne - Home


We live in the region of Franche-Comté / Haute-Saône in an unspoilt part of the "Ballons des Vosges" Nature Reserve – with its 1000 lakes.

There is water all around, gushing up out of enchanted springs, cascading over waterfalls into wildly romantic rivers and crystal clear lakes. There are energising thermal springs with healing qualities.

In winter there are heavy snowfalls, transforming the landscape into a scene from a winter fairy tale.

On our premisis we have 2 lakes and a sauna.